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2022 - Case Study


'Best use of concrete & clay tiles for a commercial project'

Works involved re-roofing 95% of the complete school roof area, including upgrading insulation to comply with current building regulations, replacing rooflights, re-decorating rafter feet, replacement leadwork, replacement cast iron effect rainwater goods and renewal of flat roof coverings.


The brief was to replace the roof coverings with new whilst maintaining the character of the building by using materials sympathetic to the design of the building.


The roof is a traditional hand cut and pitched roof with many intersecting roof slopes which required careful planning when battening to ensure the tiling ran seamlessly around the building. Samples were provided to the client to ensure they were happy with the tile selection and that it blended with surrounding properties. All lead flashings, saddles and soakers were replaced in line with LCA guideline. Replacement rooflights were required to replace old, failed roof lights which were no longer weather tight. These had to be replaced outside of school hours due to the school being live at the time. All roofline timber works were re-decorated to ensure longevity of the building. Existing cast iron rainwater goods were removed and replaced with cast iron effect gutters to minimise ongoing maintenance. Flat roof coverings were also replaced with a 3 layer felt system incorporating cut to falls insulation. This along with the insulation upgrade to the pitched roof areas meant a far more thermally efficient school.


The works cured all existing leaks at the school and both the surveyor and school personnel were all very pleased with the outcome of the project as you can read in the testimonial we received, here.

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