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2021 - Case Study



The small site was a former petrol station o a busy main road. The roof are at various angles and pitches with rooights and vertical slating to the elevations above single storey.


Cederal smooth thrutone slates were chosen by the architect for a modern crisp look, to go in with the surrounding Victorian terraced houses which are roofed in natural slate. Also, the fibre cement slates offer a considerable cost saving over natural slates.

The window returns were approx. 50mm wide which meant small slivers of slates had to be cut and fixed. Also, external angles were to be formed with mitred slates. However the client was not keen on the finish as when fibre cement slates are cut the edge of the slate appears white and not blue / black as the slate. After much research we found the Cedral manufactured aluminium trims for their Cedral weatherboarding and we came up with the novel idea of using powder coated aluminium trims at the external and internal angles.

The architect was after a very clean lines and did not want the use of traditional lead ashings and aprons. Hidden under the slating DPC was used for the window trays and apron ashings.

Now that that site is complete it can be seen that the fibre cement slates on the roof and the vertical have given the building a very crisp modern look. Internally the properties give the impression of a large space due to the high windows and vaulted ceilings.

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