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2019 - Case Study
Reinforced Bituminous Membrane

Due to the poor condition of the existing waterproofing system to the complete roof area of this school we received instructions to proceed with the total re-roofing of the school which amounted to approximately 1350m²


The existing roof construction had very limited falls and we therefore recommended that tapered insulation should be introduced. However, due to financial restraints this proposal was rejected we were then faced with having to undertake this re-roofing project with basically a ‘blue roof’ situation.


To remove the rainwater we used wetvacs, paddlepumps, blankets / towels and constant sweeping and drying of the roof area we were working on. In certain situations dams were created to stop the surface water back tracking on to recently dried areas. Despite these difficulties we are pleased to advise that no disruption to the school activities / curriculum occurred due to rainwater ingress.

Soprema congratulat Richard Soan Roofing Services

Mike Vaczi, Technical Manager, SOPREMA UK

This is a project we are very proud of with regards to the hurdles that we had to overcome mainly created through inclement weather which arrived immediately we set foot on site.


We are delighted that the very positive comments received from all parties involved with this contract relating to the standard of workmanship achieved and on that basis alone additional projects have been secured.


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